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Having fun with a scammer


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15 minutes ago, jsharr said:

Scammer reached out to me via email wanting me to go get Apple Gift cards and email him pictures.

I am having fun making shit up.  I can't buy apple products due to the restraining order and lawsuit from Apple.

Told him I had $270 in cash and we could meet at the carwash.

He told me to take the $270 and go to any grocery store and buy gift cards and send him pics.

I told him the shoplifting convicitions make it impossible for me to get into any grocery store.

He told me he was having a very busy day and just do it.

Here is my reply.

You think your day is busy?   Jimmy the Rat got stiffed by the Asian Triads on his Superbowl bets.  They refused to pay, so he is wanting me to get Fat Louie, Jimmy Two Times, the Crabby Boys and Stinky Pete to go over and shoot up their club house.

If I have time, will have Little Freddie take the $270 down to the corner store to buy scratch off tickets for you.  Will that work? 

I am gonna have to lay low after we shoot up the club, so I might not get able to use the internet much but Luigi will know how to reach me if you really need me.


That’s awesome!  Interested to know if they respond to this.

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4 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

You don't have some RG dick pics handy to send him?

If not, can AI create some for you to send?

Heck, can AI create some Apple gift card photos for you to send him?

I could just google random guy dick pic and see what pops up? 

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I loved the "Scamalot" videos on YouTube where James Veitch toys with the scammers, including this one where the guy being scammed keeps asking where his free toaster is for opening an account?  Of course, he invented the free toaster and the ad promising it.

YouTube doesn't allow remote play of the videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usiyADqD7XQ

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