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Okay - I Missed The Point!

Razors Edge

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I attended  an internal corporate session about copilot mid-2023  --before it was released in Canada.  Some guy from IT was explaining.  Some employees were really excited.  Personally I'd rather they spend more time ensuring Power BI is implemented properly and with right data analyses.  

There were around 150+ employees who signed up for this peek demo.  (there are 12,000 employees, with 8,000 office-bound employees).

Implementing Co-pilot if it was restricted to content on Corporate intranet/internet and internal content, might be useful for certain situations for DRAFT analysis by a real human being to have the smarts if it made sense. The problem Co-pilot uses info. that created by human beings who are themselves imperfect/limited in vision.

Honest, I'm glad to have retired --but just as the cusp of AI sweeping down to  know significant AI will impact. on business world (and our world) .but not necessarily always in a coordinated way.  



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9 hours ago, Razors Edge said:

Well, you just shared that secret, so, no you're not???

I feel like it's ok if I share it in here with people I don't really know.  It's pretty safe but then again maybe I'm ahead of the curve by planting a seed in those who know where I work.  Maybe I want my boss to catch wind of it??  Maybe.  Or not.  Suspense. You gotta cover all angles, pal.

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41 minutes ago, Dottleshead said:

Oh we're screwed.  Chaos is coming.  Just buy a gun and learn to use it.  Questions?  Ask @jsharr.  That's my plan.

I just don't like how Co-pilot is just thrown out to anyone and everyone. Including kids.  People are forgetting some of its functions is scraping up existing Internet info.....some great content while other content is just wrong. People won't give much sheot for original info. sources for this instant creation. Already we're lazy. Now future generations will be a bit / alot lazier in questioning / checking/documenting content sources/veracity/truth.

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Just now, shootingstar said:

I just don't like how Co-pilot is just thrown out to anyone and everyone. Including kids.

Well, one thing that's clear to me is that we cannot stop technical progress and it's happening at a pace that people cannot keep up with.  So much so I'm convinced it's the origin of the alt-right.

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