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The Dallas Cowboys Will Not Make The Playoffs in 2024


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You heard it here first.  Jerry Jones doomed them with his stupid claim that the Cowboys are going all in this year.  He somehow latches onto a catch phrase and repeats it ad nauseum in some twisted belief that if he says something enough, it will happen.


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3 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

How is this prediction possible.  Is it some sort of trick because they are changing their name due to embarrassment? 

SF has not won a Superb Owl in a long time either.  Been close, but their winning drought is longer than the Cowboys by one year.

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The way things are in the NFL, if your team has a good year your players value rises and it's hard to keep all the top players within the salary cap the next year.

In some cases, the solution is to draft a low-paid-for-four-years guy out of college than keep your current starter.  That's probably going to be the case where the Bears use their #1 pick (from Carolina) on Caleb Williams, QB USC rather than pay more money to Justin Fields who had a very good last half of 2023 on an awful team.

The Ravens have some key players who want to stay in Baltimore but "it's a business."  Fortunately, they have their best offensive and defensive players signed for four more years, QB Lamar Jackson and LB Roquan Smith. S-CB-LB Kyle Hamilton has two more years on his rookie contract and TE Mark Andrews has another year on his contract.

Zay Flowers has a few more years on his contract, but charges of domestic abuse will lead to problems if true.


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