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Have you rolled a joint lately?


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But sort of like shooting fish in a barrel, eh? :D

<shrug> Easy or not, some shots demand to be taken....

There was a bunch of us riding around in my buddy's van. They were all pretty well toasted. One guy kept bitching about having a headache. I told him I could take care of the problem - would just have to make an incision. I started sawing on the top of his head with the bristles of the snow brush.... He freaked out and started screaming "I'M BLEEDING! I'M BLEEDING!!!" Everyone else cracked up and it took him YEARS to live that one down...

Two of my baked friends were talking on the phone to some girls. I explained to them how the phone works: there are these little fuzzy guys with sneakers on, inside the phone. They have little chalkboards. When you say something, they write it down and then run like hell to the other end of the wire, and read it. They spent about ten minutes looking at the phone cord, doing a Keanu Reeves- worthy "whoa......"

...and so on.
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...the trick to making it all the way to the Mexican border from the Big Tomato in one shift of driving is the ability to steer with your knees on the most boring parts of I-5, leaving both hands free to roll joints.


You have to time it so you hit LA in the wee hours of the morning, too, but that's about it.  One minute you're here, the next you are in Rosarito Beach.

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