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I suck at quitting


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The sun was shining.  I could not resist.  It was just 5 miles.  All my friends were doing it.  


PS-- Coach Zack kicked our butts this morning but it was beautiful out there.  Now, I need to do one more race to use my new found skills.  Just one.http://squarewheelscycling.com/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-30-0-76118800-1424627979.jpghttp://squarewheelscycling.com/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-30-0-31332000-1424628107.jpghttp://squarewheelscycling.com/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-30-0-52183100-1424628122.jpg

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"All my friends were doing it!". Ha!!!

Were your toes really cold?? They look it.


Wool socks kept them warm until the ice and snow started defrosting after the run.  Today, I was actually too warm until afterwards at breakfast.  Then I had a chill because i didn't bring dry pants to change into.  PS- the waitress thought the whole lot of us were nuts and was suspicious about whether or not we would pay the bill. 

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We are at -6 with a -23 windchill.....I did the trainer in the living room...Wasn't off more than 3 minutes when my neighbor called to see if I had been on the treadmill or what because....my steps had jumped :nod head:   We have a friendly competition going on here :whistle:


Fantastic.  My competitive nature fuels the fire for my love of riding.  Really try hard to be faster and ride longer than my "competition"


Bring it, girls!!!

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