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Where is the midwest?


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 where I live, we consider Pittsburgh to be the mid west


the mid west is just the part of America where liberals are pistol whipped at children's birthday parties to provide good down home entertainment and the liberal social agenda is not accepted


that would  be everywhere east of Manhatten and west of California

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I think of the Dakotas, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma as being 'Central Plains' or just 'Plains' states.  


Texas is North Mexico.


This is exactly true, except they got all uppity and started calling themselves "the great plains".  Not just ordinary plains or anything, you see, they are "great".  Now they think they are all royalty and such, taking on pretensions and affectations generally reserved for the high-born.  You have to refer to any landed folks as "your majesty" now.  This is why tourism suffers there, I feel.

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