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Seriously, check out their menu.

team scooter

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Wife and I met our son for lunch. He suggested the Epic Deli, he says he eats there all the time. We suggested he have his blood pressure checked. :wacko:  I had the Drunken Dog and the loaded tater tots. It was good but I think I need a nap. I'm doubling up on my cholesterol meds when I get home.  :unsure:


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Most of those sound awful - not from a health standpoint, because, screw that - but they don't even sound like they'd taste good. Most of them sound like they just emptied the fridge and threw a bunch of shit together,

Even this is borderline: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/02/double-hamburger-fatty-melt-bacon-recipe.html

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In defence, those pretzel buns were pretty spectacular. :nod head:  Oh, and I did need a nap afterwards. -_-


Mmmmmm  I could starve myself for a day or two and come visit :nod head:



You live in the midwest.. everything good is deep fried!
I'm thing a road trip is in order

Come on down Petite! Its a half hour + or - car ride from the house... Or, with the river frozen solid this year, we could get there by snowmobile ;) ... Or, in the summer maybe we can hitch a boat ride over. (The ChainOLakes is pretty nice, but crowded on the weekends.) :)   

We could even meet up with the Crazy family. (FYI, the kids seem to love the deep fried mac and cheese bites.) ;)  

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they are even worse with the exclamation point.

a jumbo beef hot dog dipped in batter and crusted in Doritos and then deep fried! Topped with pulled pork, carolina mustard bbq sauce, and chopped bacon! Served on a pretzel hot dog bun!!


That is actually what I meant, but was distracted when typing.  My brain is weird.

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