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Square Wheels

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Gold plated bike that is.


The bike starts at £250,000 (converted, that's about $392,000, AU$470,000), due in part to the cost of the 24-karat gold layer. The rest of the price comes from the sheer amount of time and effort required to apply the gold to the entire bike, including the tips of the handlebars and every single ridge of the gear chain. Diamonds are scheduled to be added as accents. The bike is also equipped with a limited-edition San Marco suede saddle and SR4 racing tires, in case you had your heart set on joining the Tour de France.





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I was going to order two, but then they told it came without pedals.  But they said they could provide those for an upcharge of only $18,000 per pair.  I thought "That's a rip-off!" and cancelled the order.  :angry:


But it has fender mounts, I feel that is important.


The fenders had better damn well be gold, too.

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