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I remember when Indy used to post here


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Fly paper ensures they'll stick around. Spider webs serve the same purpose.

You can used spider webs to stop bleeding and infection as well.  Just make sure Mr. Spider is not home.  If he is, you can often puff or blow air at him with your mouth and he will leave., so you can rip his home and source of food apart and shove it into the bloody gash on your hand.

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Didn't Indy and Mrs. Indy have a baby? or will have soon.  And one who will have some health issues.   He may pop back in.

​Just waiting on her to decide to make an appearance at this point.  Though the Dr and WoIndy are getting tired of waiting, so she's coming out next week whether she likes it or not.  Freaking girls, always dragging their feet and running late.

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Girls are always late, and this one might be a ginger. 


Indy will have his hands full. 

​Oh man, I don't know if I can handle to red headed females in the house.

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