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Don't you hate it when you're right.

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I predicted this ending weeks ago.  Remember my BIL, lazy-ass Joe (LAJ)?  He's been looking for a job since New Years?  Well technically before the holidays but he "didn't want seasonal work and nobody really hires anyone around the holidays so I'll wait until January to apply for a job", kind of looking.  To recap the job search, he applied at a (1) hardware store.  He wants to work at a hardware store because he did that once before and liked it.  You stand around and talk, don't work much and get paid for it.  He's also the smartest guy in the room and a subject matter expert.  He waited two weeks to hear back from them before applying elsewhere.  Elsewhere didn't work out either.  He posted his resume on monster and careerbuilder.  He got calls and emails.  Employers want him.  Well not exactly.  His most promising lead was AFLAC.  He went in for two interviews.  Was hired.  He's all excited about earning commissions at AFLAC.  Dude, they'd hire anyone who can fog a mirror.  You hate talking to people.  You refuse to answer your cell phone or open your mail.  You will fail at this.  I didn't say this out loud except to my wife, his sister.  Last night I learned that before he even started he's quitting.  He has to pass a insurance sales exam to be licensed.  There is a 12-chapter manual that you study to pass the exam.  He got as far as chapter 8 or 9 before he quit.  The section on taxes and finances got to be too much.  The manual cost $130.  I paid $90.  He's applying for another job at a warehouse today.  I liked him more when he lived 500 miles away.


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