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Switching lunch with breakfast


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I am alarmed by your grain consumption.


No big deal.  It's the only grains I will eat today.  Tonight will be salmon and broccoli.  My menu is very balanced out.  Mostly veg, some meat, some grains.




I am feeling really fantastic these days.  I am totally charging it on the bike these days.  I was so proud of myself at lunch yesterday.  2nd place overall on an uphill segment.  One guy was faster than I was...but only by three seconds.  Plus, I was riding a fat bike.  Team grain here and lovin it.  :1:

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Did you take the orange off of Paige's tree?  He is fine with it.  Take all you want.


No, but I'll get one for tomorrow's lunch from her tree.  Thanks for the idea.


I wonder if it's an organic tree?

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