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I bet your wife would freak me the hell out


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I believe this because my wife freaks me the hell out.  I figure you guys are freaky, so your wives are probably freaked-out in bizarre ways I have yet to encounter.


I don't understand what chicks are thinking pretty much most of the time.


I bet you forum chicks have husbands that also exhibit bizarre thought-patterns, too, don't want to leave you out.

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My freak sensors have dulled and she is done with menopause.  It was like flying through a cold front for 35 years then you come out the other side to calm winds and blue skies.   :)

See weekend plans thread.  Was planning 42nd anniversary dinner for this weekend.  Anniversary is Tuesday and we just decided to do the dinner next weekend.  No freaking.

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I am not looking forward to this.  47 here and still very much normal. 


Please don't hesitate to contact me for advice at the first sign of shoplifting.


Remember to do this in a timely fashion, as waiting until you are being strip-searched in the Shop Manager's office helps me not a whit.

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