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Good morning so far....

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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.....and then I took the Mukluk out on the lake, but the snow was too deep and I ended up flailing...so I came imshore more where more snowmobiles had been and it was OK, but the dogs were being a pain in the ass....


....so I brought them home and went for a ride on the Link Trail, instead....


....and got my truck stuck at the trailhead when I went to leave....

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Th smoker fell over?  How can that be???  I suspect your AFU muffins are better than most people's excellent muffins.

Well, when you set something hot on snow you think is firmly packed and it settles in more one one side than another, gravity sets in...

I've made those muffins countless times before and they've always come out good, but today, they didn't really rise as much as they usually do (and everyone knows, the top is the best part) and while some were cooked through, there were a couple that were still raw in the middle.

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