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What are you guys doing awake right now?


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Kind of dark and ugly over here so at 6 am the doorbell rings. I thought it was about 3 am so out of a deep sleep I throw on some shorts over my nekkid body and Gina asks, "who can that be at this hour?".


 I look out the blind and some dude says "POLICE!". Police? I see his uniform and gun so just as I am about to walk over to the door to open it he asks, "is this 1631?". No it's 1649. Oh sorry to wake you, bye!  :blush:


Good thing hey didn't kick in the door and raid the place,, they would have only found a couple of nekkid bodies. :P


Very strange, he address is up in plain view, leave it to the Popo! :special:

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53 minutes ago, sheep_herder said:

Changing fans, letting dogs in and out, checking my blood glucose, getting ready to drink a cup of coffee, and still kicking myself for missing photos of a beautiful sunset last night.

There will be more beautiful sunsets. Don't kick yerself about the one that got away.

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Slept great and made a fantastic breakfast. The other night I made refried beans. I heated a quarter cup of that this morning. Tossed crushed tortilla chips in a small cast iron skillet, topped those with the beans, scrambled eggs, salsa and cheese. Baked at 350 for 5 minutes. Damn that is good. Cup of espresso to wash it down with.

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