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Very fun day of schralpin


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I love my Stumpy!  That bike loves to mob.  

Hit this table top faster than ever before. Came down so smooth and it felt like Butta.  

The smile was so big plastered on my face.  I resembled the Joker from Batman.  :D   <==== this smiley isn't really even big enough to describe it.

Hit one jump so big, I made this old guy smile.  I let out a hoot as I landed it.  MWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 

<so happy>

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My daughter always has goofy words. She sometimes gives me the stink eye when I try to use them. Mom is fairly cool, but not cool enough to use all those words. I would love to drop schralpin in a sentence on her; but I think having to explain it would take away the cool factor. Hmm, once I get the fat bike I could use it fer shure!  I'll do that. Yet another reason to be super excite over getting a fat bike!  :D

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