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Who is "Jerry" and why do I care about his doody?

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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Serious question - is this the first time you've been called for jury duty?

My county seems to call me like clockwork every six years, and it's getting to be time for the summons to appear in the mail again.

It seems my ace-in-the-hole is that I'm an engineer.  The lawyers hear that and they grab for the garlic and crucifixes.  Just saying that I probably jinxed myself.

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​I withdraw the question.

Nah, I didn't get picked.....and wouldn't have made a good juror. I already had a pretty firm opinion before hearing much about the case.

Guy had 2 counts each of possession and sales. (Probably heroin). His attorney was asking potential jurors if they believed that someone could be emotionally blackmailed into doing something they weren't predisposed to do. So, in my estimation, he was admitting the guy had the stuff and sold it, but was going to use "the devil made me do it" defense. Then they were talking about "confidential informants" and how they act in their own interest. This just further undermines his case. Think about it from the snitches POV. If you're on the hook for a drug offense and offered a chance to set up a buy to save your bacon, who would you pick to throw under the bus? Someone who'd never done anything like that before? Or would you go for a sure thing?

Pretty sure I knew the informant, too. She used to work here. She was actually pretty hot-looking. I saw her again a couple years after she left here....and didn't even recognize her. I finally realized who it was and she looked like she'd been dragged behind a bus. A month or two later, she was in the paper - heroin and meth. My guess is she offered to rat out her source and save her own ass and it was this guy.


So, no, I couldn't be "fair and impartial"....

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