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Snow coming tomorrow


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We had another six inches or so Saturday night.  It was funny seeing all the men out using their various toys to remove the latest snow.  Weapon of choice appears to be a snow blower walk behind type.  Second was tawn/garden tractor with blower or plow attachment. Third place was some type of four wheeler with a plow attachment (honey I need one of these for removing snow from my driveway).  We saw three people with old fashioned snow shovels and two people with plows mounted on their pick up trucks. We only got about four inches last night.

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Friend of mine went snowmobiling up around Ashland this weekend.  They had OK conditions.  They did 170 miles on Saturday.

​Yep, we have friends that live in Land O Lakes, they say its been insane crazy UP there. One got T boned on the trail by a guy riding in a large group and they all took off when he pulled out his cell phone. :angry: 

We haven't trailered up north for several years now. I've just been riding my old vintage sled with the grandkids (and riding my fat bike) on the lake near our house down here. I'm fine with that I guess.

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