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I get to have a cavity filled Wednesday... and to get fitted for a devise to wear at nice.  I am thinking it will be like an overpriced mouthpiece.  

It is to prevent me from grinding my teeth

​When I was a kid I could have used a devise like that when I went to the orthodontist, he was always grinding my teeth.  The man was pure evil.

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Well a bruxing splint is cheaper than a TMJ splint   :nod head:    My U of M experience is probably in the $2,000 range with at least 1 follow up left.....It has been awhile and like anything else..the price has gone up.....but I am guessing in the $500 range for a splint...(or more :P)


I chewed through my first splint too....but then I got one for my TMJ and it lasted about 9 years...not bad!!!

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