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Hey, we need a LAJ update!


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Fucker's still here.  He still doesn't have a job.  He gave up on taking the insurance sales exam as the material was too difficult to comprehend.  He applied for an office job at the distribution warehouse where his son works but he won't visit the HR office to follow up on his application.

He had three teeth pulled on Monday.  Not going to the dentist for 25 years paid off there.  His brother paid for the dental work.

The divorce hearing is postponed to a date in April, his soon to be ex, pack-rat Terry didn't get served in time for the March hearing.

He never went to the post office to pick up the certified letter from Huntington Bank.  The pile of mail that he hasn't opened dates back to October.  My wife wants to put all the mail in a box and send it to his attorney with a note to start bankruptcy proceedings.  LAJ seems to be in no hurry to get that done.

The MIL is living with us now, she moved in last week.  My SIL, Janet-the-martyr came down with the flu. Janet's husband, silent-Doug has pneumonia.  Grandmother,as she's known, dodged the bullet and hasn't gotten sick.  It's fun.  She has hearing aids but you never know when she has them in her ears.  Every conversation is like this:  Someone will say something and her first response is, "what?"  The statement will be repeated louder.  She'll shake her head and look puzzled.  The statement will be repeated again but slowly so she can read lips.

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This noob has a question.





Is this fiction?

​True story.  It's a glorious tragedy involving my in-laws.  LAJ is my wife's oldest brother, lazy-ass Joe.  He never really grew up.  I don't know why.  His brother Ken is the total opposite, Sensible, level headed, has his own business and makes a crap-ton of money.  My wife is a caring person, creative and works hard when she needs to.  LAJ, not so much.  When LAJ turned 18 he announced to the family that now that he was an adult he wasn't going to eat vegetables any more.  He didn't.  He still hates vegetables.  He used to put sugar on frosted flakes.  He's now a diabetic with stage 4 chronic kidney disease.  He still sees no correlation between his health and his diet.  He still eats frosted flakes for breakfast, three or four bowls at a sitting.  He no longer adds sugar to the ceral though. 

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Wow!  We could probably all write in-law stories but none that coloured.  

​I think he should compile all of his LAJ posts into a book. #7 could have a best seller on his hands. He could make enough money to pack up the wife, abandon the house (and everyone else in it), and disappear...

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