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Dear Evil Forum Commander


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I hope you and BRIDEoSW have a wonderful vacation in Cedar Rapids.  Don't worry about a thing here in ForumVille.  We promise not to burn anything down while you're gone.  Like you say, Krazy has it covered (assuming he makes it back from the wood this weekend - he's been known to come up missing).  But don't worry, we got it covered.

BTW a few things that might help...

What is the name of your commercial insurance carrier and who is your agent (just in case)?

What time did you say your plane leaves?

Did you tell us when you expect to be back (we might need to know when to have the mess cleaned up)?

Happy travels *snicker snicker *


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Thank you. 

I leave at 6 tomorrow morning and get back the following Monday. 

I'll miss all of you. 

My wife is the best person in the world and I  am looking forward to spending an entire uninterrupted week together. 

​So, you leave on Sunday and come back the next day? And you think that you're going to be gone a week? I think I may have discovered what went wrong with the forum. ;)

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I'll try not to wreck your house while you are gone... I know a few of us forumites will be meeting there on Sunday to have a kegger... just know that everything should be fine when you get back... Which reminds me.. I should bring superglue just incase the strippers get out of control! 

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