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My wife wants All Wheel Drive

team scooter

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CX-5 is a nice little rig.

​Yep, thats what we're thinking of. Won't be very soon though. With the new, closer job, old blue will last much longer  I drove to work six days and used the same amount of gas that I would have went though in only two days at the old job. Which is nice.:nod head:

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No Kirby...not yet  :D  I have to finish paying for this one first...I just had my brakes done..they gave me a loaner.

​Not necess-cerlery!  Any dealer woud be quite happy to take yours in trade and reset the clock on your payments!

Hey petite, did you consider leasing?  If you drive low miles it seems more attractive, but I guess they say you always do pay more for a lease.

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​You're not car shopping again, are you?

​Car shopping is just a frame of mind.  I am always on the lookout, even though my average time between buying is aboot 10 years or so. :)

For instance, scooter, you should check out Lesbarus in case the Mazda is not out in time.  I have been fruitlessly waiting for the new Honda Beat for years now. :D   But actually in aboot 10 years might be aboot right for me.

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