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I have done nothing today


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I cleaned my Mountain bike, installed a new stem on my road bike, and went for a mountain bike ride (earned 6 new QOMs and multiple PRs).

Gonna take a bath and hit the pump track tonight.  I have not pumped in a while.  I miss riding my dirt jump bike.  

Only did 1900 ft of climbing. Not sure I will get the climbing challenge for April.  I lost too many days being sick a few weeks back.  That sucked.

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Continued to fill the dumpster, painted more of the deck, raked dirt over the mangled lawn parts around the well and planted grass seed.  That was after doing the groceries this morning early and included cooking lunch.  I still had time to watch most of the race from Richmond.  Mrs. Maxx worked outside all day on landscaping.  We were going to build (or buy) a wishing well around the new well head but we found during the cleanup a barrel that fit over it just fine.  For now the barrel will be topped with a pot and some sort of drooping vine like plant until I can find an old pump handle.  We enlarged the front rock garden to surround the new well head.

Rushing to complete the outside work as we will probably lose the next couple of days to rain. 41 days to go.

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Started early for a Sunday. Dogs got me up at 0700. Which is an hour late for a workday. Went to our truck yard and picked up timesheets. Checked on our porta potty. One of the drivers borrowed it for a party on Saturday night. Came home after getting coffee. (doggies got a treat at the LCS) WoScrapr was up so we went for a doggie walk. About 2 miles. Saw a cute Golden that looked a little like our first Golden

Sat around for a little then went to a scattered site home show. Saw some friends. LOL. The Natural Gas Co has a trailer they pull around for shows. They cook hot dogs and such. Whenever I tell WoScrapr I'm taking her out to lunch she asks if it's at the Natural gas wagon. It was there at the first stop! It was too early to eat so decided to come back later. Saw a couple houses and came back. It was gone! Dang it. I really wanted a hot dog. So Wo Scrapr went to the LGS and got me some.

Watched the baseball game online. Beavers won! Good day

I was supposed to help WoScrapr with the lock on the front door. I was too tuckered out

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