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Pictures of the boats I had during my childhood and early adulthood. Growing up in Michigan on lake St. Clair I had an obsessively detailed father who would buy old wooden boats in the fall and we would spend all winter in the dry dock, sanding, cleaning, staining, varnishing, and polishing until it won shows in the spring. We would use it for a season or two then sell it to buy another project. 


I was using google to search out images that best match my childhood. I need to grab the ole tub of photos at my folks next time I am up there and find the originals.


First we named "Falling Star" 1955 (pictured is a 51) Christ Craft Super Deluxe. 28' of smooth splendor on the water.




Next was a 1961 Crist Craft Sea Skiff 21' of fun run about had an old ford V6 that we could never get to run right with the stock carb. Named "Stelle"




The final of the woodies we did was the doozy. Took two dry dock seasons to make it shine but we won several woody boat shows in the late nineties with her. We called "Helio Centric" A 1956 37' Christ Craft Commander 


I would even say ours was prettier than this. The bullnose in ours had polished stainless recessed "headlamps" 

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I love old wooden boats, but I never want to own one. 


Got a friend that has one of these.




He spends more time working on it and cleaning it then he does running it.  Just way to high maintance for me at this time.  So I'll stick with this.



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