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This past weekend.


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My weekend was filled with sorrow and joy as we laid one generation of our family to rest and helped raise up the next generation.

Buried my mother in law Saturday morning. Beautiful sunny spring day, very nice ceremony. The pastor was an old friend of the family from the church my wife grew up in.  He has a beautiful singing voice and closed by singing the Lord's Prayer.  Lots of family and friends surrounded us with love and to my surprise, I did not shed a tear, almost.  I did tear up once or twice, but overall retained my composure and did what needed to be done.

Went to lunch with some good friends who were at the funeral and then headed home to pack for a camp out.  

Ryan and I camped on Possum Kingdom lake at Camp Constantin.  Beautiful place.  Ryan had a blast and I got a bit of hammock time and a recharge by being around all the scout families.

The pics are of our campsite, Ryan in the tree above my hammock, Ryan cooking breakfast for the pack (helping at least) The Webelos Lighning Phoenix Patrol at the Scouts Own Service they put on for our pack, and Ryan and his Patrol Leader and his son with a turtle we caught and released on our hike Sunday morning.

Ryan was also the honor guard for the flag retirement ceremony.  He and I sat by the fire with a few other adult leaders until 11 PM as the fire burned out and the next morning after breakfast and chapel, we returned to bury the flags ashes and retrieve the grommets from the fire pit.  Ryan kept them as mementos of his service.







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