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LAJ weekly update

Parsnip Totin Jack

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This is a good one.  Wife just sent me a text.  Lazy-ass Joe's (LAJ) attorney called my wife today for her assistance.  His divorce hearing is tomorrow, Wednesday, 4/28.  She told him six weeks ago she needed a list of all assets and liabilities for the hearing.  He started working on that Friday or Saturday.  Still not done.  My wife is going to the hearing with LAJ to make sure he gets some monthly income from pack-rat Terry (PRT).  It would be just like LAJ to "not rock the boat" and sign away alimony rights he is legally entitled to.  Personally I don't think he's entitled to anything but I'm a bystander.  He said that the hearing was on Thursday but apparently got the dates mixed up.  The good news is that Genette,the MIL is going back to Janet-the-Martyr's (JtM) tonight after dinner!  No more phone calls four times a night for help getting to the bathroom!  Once the divorce is final LAJ can sell off the shit he's got stored in my basement and pay back some of the money he owes us.  I'm telling my wife to speak very plainly to the attorney about filing a simple bankruptcy claim for his lazy ass.  With a list of current assets, liabilities and income it should be fairly straightforward. 

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How's his job going?

^^^^I waned to ask this...but was afraid he had already lost it.

​It's going well but he only started Monday.  He was swapping out watch batteries on his second day on the job.  He thinks it's a good fit for a 'technofile' like himself.  Dude, surfing the internet, playing with model trains and flying quadcopters doesn't make you a technofile.  The divorce hearing is today.  LAJ's attorney wants my wife there to provide input to the financial picture before and after the separation.  Pack-rat Terry (PRT) will explode when she sees my wife in the courtroom.  LAJ didn't want Susan to be there either, apparently he was oblivious to his attorney's request.  Susan and LAJ were up late putting together the list of his assets and liabilities.  He owes us close to $2,000 in expenses since October. 

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