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Well.... my teacher assigned a public heath paper about any topic that was marked in our micro biology book. After seeing the word "Plague" I latterly jumped out of my seat, across the work table to be first in line to signup for it. The paper is easy to write, and I have read lots of info about it, and seen lots of documentaries on it as well. 


I am thinking of buying a shirt for class when I have to give the presentation to the class.. Think this will go over well?



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I lost my great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great,  great  grand mother in the plague.   I feel like you're exploiting my family's loss for your gain.  Too soon dude.

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You're such a bubo... ;)

​speek engrish! 


Use the 'bring out yer dead' routine from The Holy Grail.  It's a good visual of the event, you'll score points with very little work.

​Already have that planed out for the poster board/powerpoint I will be showing. :)

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