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Why can't the rest of the world operate on MY timetable?

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Been up for four hours already, but have to sit around with my hand on my ass for another hour or so because nothing opens until 9.

C'mon, people, I got stuff to do!

​As someone who rises early every day I can assure you that there are other things you could be doing besides sitting with your hand on your ass.

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As someone who has had his alarm clock set at 3:30 am for the last 15+ years, starting a new job and not needing to wake up until 6:30 has not been an easy transition. The dang birds start making a racket at 5:00 anyway. :angry:   I've been doing my laundry since 6 am.

Dang wildlife. ;)

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Not with the list of things I need to get done today.

​Well, you can expand the list to incorporate the sitting time or sit.  I've already spent some time here, read part of a book and spent a bit of time in my workshop.  Now that 8 has arrived I'm off to buy more paint so that I might finish my deck today.

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