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An update on my hip


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After Monday's PT I hurt so bad I would call Tuesday a 9 on a pain scale of 1 to 10......10 being shoot me...9 being tears.... At Thursday's PT she did ultra-sound and some massage.  The decision is to continue with the exercises she gave me the first session and not do the extended stuff we did on Monday.  SO..Friday..pain was probably 3.5 ish today 3...it still hurts but not so much that I can't at least do a few things....on my deck and in my garage... 

I am hoping it continues to improve...we have 1 week left of the P90X stretch routine..I have backed way off on a couple of stretches that I think may contribute to the inflamed/pissed off muscle that is causing all my pain... Our next up is a Yoga DVD called "Water"  (Earth, Water, Fire series..I think a flow series dvd)...We have done 6 weeks of Earth...so we are looking forward to this new dvd.

I hope to we walking for fun in another week.

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