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The Dr. told me to eat 5 bananas a day


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I don't really remember exactly what he said. Some vitamin or mineral was critically low. 4 days now with 5 bananas a day. 

That's more bananas than I've had in my life. 

Why 5 bananas a day?   

​That many bananas a day could put you to sleep.

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Interesting. I have been sleeping better and waking up with more energy.  I thought it was because I lowered my sugar intake. I cracked last night and ate a bunch of ice cream.   :(

​Bananas are full of natural sugars...

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​I'm saying if you are trying to cut down on sugar, Bananas are not the way to roll unless you are just trying to up your potassium. 

​There is a health nut on the radio here in Dallas that refers to bananas at natures Snickers Bar.

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