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Can you see who I was?

Square Wheels

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You could test this yourself if you had a sock puppet like the rest of us.  You wouldn't need us to do your testing for you.

DotGuy is looking for a new job.  Hire him to do your testing - It's what he does best.

Oh, and no I can't.

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No, but I'm more interested in who you were in a more total sense - not just your names but how you've changed your views and developed over the years.

​I don't know about SW,  but I'm sure the NSA has an app for that... :ph34r:

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The person who created the app told me it's working as designed.  Only mods can see everyone, and you can only see yourselves.

Not very helpful, he will likely change it soon.

​You can tell him that Kingtermite said that behavior is about as useful (and welcome) as a fart in church.

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