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tybeegb.....where's ur music video? Some motivation here ;-P

Mr. Beanz

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OK so I made another video with a few songs. I play all the guitars, all the vocals, all the leads, all the dancing, all the head bopping, all the lip synching. Probably not a good idea to take all the credit but I can not lie!  :P


Ya know it sounds better when I'm playing. When I watch it recorded, I see I actually suck. But hey, I have fun!  :lol:


Your playing can't be any more shameful than this  :D



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Cool.  I'll see what I can do since it's too cold to work on the deck.  :whistle:


Even a few short clips, 30 second increments of your favorite songs.


Heck, I'm lip synching in the videos cause I recorded them with a mic as sound file. I only recorded the lip synch vid so that others don't have to stare at a window media screen.


Although that might be more entertaining. :lol:  


Heck use a blank screen, I'd just like to hear others play. B)

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Well, no new video.  My current video setup is worthless so I will have to visit the LES (local electronics store) and get the right stuff.  In the meantime, here is a song I recorded a few years ago that I added some deck project pictures to so it would at least be a little entertaining.  I did the first track with the vocals and an Ovation turtleback acoustic; the second track was with harmony vocals and a Voxton acoustic guitar.  There's a short edited part I over-dubbed just for practice, but if you listen close you can pick it up.  I don't know how to embed YouTube videos anymore.


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