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Bagged a decent 120lb doe last night after work. We had a couple inches of snow yesterday so i went down in our sugar bush and sat after work. I could see a deer about 100 yards away and watched her for about 30 minutes. I didn't have a good shot so I waited to see if she came towards where I was sitting. Then I noticed 3 or 4 up the hill behind me. The last one in line was an adult so I waited about 5 minutes for her to reach a spot where I had a good shot. Boom! meat in the freezer.

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Maybe black powder?

What's the season where you're located, zackny?

Right now it's regular gun (rifle) season. We usually have 2 weeks of bow starting October 1, then a week of black powder. Regular gun season runs from late October til early December. There is also a week of late black powder after gun season.

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It used to be bucks only here in the north country but then the population exploded. Now you can get 1 or 2 doe permits a year. I still have my buck tag and will continue looking for a nice buck. I don't shoot anything smaller than a decent 6-point around home so I end up letting a lot of smaller bucks walk by. I like hunting my own property but to find a good size buck usually means heading into the Adirondacks.

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