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I will be obsolete

Square Wheels

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As if I didn't already feel useless, at some point in the near future the software will allow you to moderate it.

I think this will be great for parodies, they should be banned, but if I propose that I fear another lynching.

Here is one feature the vendor will be offering.

Community Moderation


This will be a really great way to help you moderate your community. You will be able to define various rules and actions in the AdminCP for content that users flag as a problem.

So let's say someone makes a post that is rude/inflammatory/generally just not pleasant. Your users could flag it as a problem and, based on your rules, once enough do so it will hide itself from view.

You will be able to create multiple actions and rules. So you might set "spam" with a lower number of report requires than "trolling" might be since once is clear and one is an opinion.

We think this will be a great addition for all sites powered by IPS Community Suite.

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I see this as a wonderful idea.........that is if your goal is to suppress all expressions of independent thought and capitulate to the opinion of the herd. Not something I would see as desirable in any forum.

 Unfortunately it is these "awkward buggers" who provide the catalyst for a change of attitudes in any society and they should be seen as a valuable asset to this forum.

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