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​How hard?  I am somewhat intolerant but my daughter is celiac.

Contents hidden for the uninterested.

​I'm a celiac, but fortunately very tolerant.  I had an unusual diagnosis.

I don't speak a word of Spanish, so I added to my own woes.  One example, we stayed at a beach "resort" for the first couple of nights.  They also have the jungle resort.  Beach came with no food, jungle came with all food (it's the jungle, not like we could go out to eat).  While at beach I asked and was told they had the most spectacular deserts, all gluten free.  They did have spectacular deserts, all fully loaded with gluten.  Shows what people know about what does and doesn't have gluten.  My last night at jungle they made me a special corn based bread.  I was very touched and hugged the chef.  Another example was waiting in the Costa Rica airport for our departure there was exactly one restaurant.  I asked what they had for gluten free options and was told everything they served had at least a little flour, including their salads.  I didn't eat.

I suspect I had more flour last week than I have had in the 9 years since I was diagnosed.  Again, lucky I don't have symptoms.

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​I am now quoting myself to get the post count up.. I may also start liking myself.

Golden design.  Thats the guy.


​You guys actually missed me?

Man I feel special. I should do something with this new found acceptance.

If its true then it was merely because of finals, remodeling the living room, and 60hr wrk weeks thanks to the firing of a worthless employee.

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