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Nasty ride home...


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So..I gave this delivery guy a hard time ..I was  working 10 minutes over to get his delivery in..got back to my office and found a resident waiting..she could not find her keys and she was about to go out to get her hair done....I could give her a loaner fob to get in and out of her building...but it isn't really an emergency to make her new keys after hours..So I went to her apartment and looked...didn't find her lost keys...but found her spare set...got her a "fob" and finally left for home...30 minutes late...sorry I bugged the guy about being 10 minutes late...earlier. 

I head for home and OMG...due to road construction...my route is normally backed up at 4:30/4:40...but at 5 PM it was WAY backed up...crossed the river into Saint Paul and the drizzle turned to a steady rain...a few more miles and it was a down pour....I was still hoping to hit the grocery store..so took a little different route...sky was a tad lighter...HA...the heavens opened...I ditched th idea of grocery store and headed home...the water way coming down and it was at least half way up the curb in spots....I took one of my usual routes and had to crawl ..visibility was so poor....

My arm was soaked opening the window to open the garage door...5 minutes after I got home.....it all stopped...we have sun now.

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