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Without further ado: new bike pics

Square Wheels

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I present my New Bicycle, the Atomic Zombie, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL.  Pretty much stock - they raised the seat post and rotated the bars up a little for me.  The top tube is soooooooo much longer than what I'm used to - I'm more stretched out.  I think it will be better once I get used to it.  Also you'd never know it from the photo but the saddle is much lower (I know, can you believe it) than I'm used to relative to the bars.  I feel much more upright but clearly I'm not.

The longer cranks feel great but I will have to get used to them especially when standing.  The circle turned by the pedals has a diameter about 2-3/4 meters more than the 175s I was riding.  It just feels like I have so much more power.  When I got home I only had time for a 3-mile spin around the neighborhood (too many power lines in my neighborhood)..... this weekend I will get out on some familiar climbs, to try to gauge the difference.

If I do say so my damn self it's a sweet looking bike.  It's big but proportionally it's freakish.  Thanks to Atomic Zombie for a pleasant buying experience.


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