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How do you store fine chocolate?


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The wife bought a bar of fancy chocolate, which I opened.  It is hot in the hovel I live in, so the chocolate was melty, but not melted when I tried it.  It was good, but not great, btw, thanks for asking.

Anyway, should I seal the left over bit and stick it in the fridge?  Back where it came?  Freezer?  

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​You could smear a little on RT's face and blame her.

​When RW was pregnant and big as a pod of blue whales combined with a brontosaurus and the state of Texas, she would occasionally eat chocolate sorbet.  FRB would go completely ape-shit with the kicking, really going nuts, to which the wife would say "She must really like chocolate".  

After RB fell out, she drank from the tap, so anything RW consumed would filter through.  If RW had chocolate, RB would drink and then have really bad issues, constantly crying and behaving as if we were pulling her intestines out or somesuch, and we tracked it back to the chocolate, unfortunately.  She hasn't had chocolate herself yet, we are hoping it is something she has outgrown, but we just don't want to see her in pain.

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