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2015-05-12 Birthdays!

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Thanks everyone! I'm still on my New York vacation, so I have been very busy. This morning I went to The City and hung out with nice people at the Today Show. There is some "UrbanSpace" thing going on in the Garment District (just a little south of Times Square), and there are about 3 or 5 blocks worth of small "booths" of food from area restaurants. I had a couple fish tacos and an orange soda for lunch. Came back to the apartment to relax a bit. I will hop on my bike in a little while to drop off postcards at the post office and then ride a few miles north from where I'm staying to have pierrogies and beer for my birthday! I went there on Sunday, so I know it's gonna be good!

Thanks again for the birthday greetings!

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Happy birthday smudge.  Have a good ride today for us.

​It WAS a good ride. Lots of green lights. Ha! No wrong turns. Yay!  Eight pierrogies and an IPA. mmmmmm.... 

Only bad thing was I ended up cutting my ride home short a bit. Damnit! Still not sure how I did it, but I didn't get to bomb down Atlantic Ave as long as I'd like. Ah well, those 8 peirrogies weren't enjoying the ride as much as the rest of me.  ;)  (all was good, just a little overly full belly)

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