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My morning chuckle

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Maintenance and Toolroom are pretty much redheaded stepchildren around here. Attitudes are pretty poor in both departments. We often help each other out.

i just went out there with something I needed welded up for myself.

"Hey, Woody - I've got a government job I need welded....when you get a chance..."

He takes what he's working on, throws it out of the way and says "We'll get to that right now..." :D

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So, did he go get eight other guys so they could all stand around waiting on the correct form to be filled out correctly?

​Hey! Those forms are very important.

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One day I was up to my elbows in gears and grease when I was pulled off the job to do a government weld job.

My supervisor was pissed that I dropped what I was working on to go weld a motorcycle part.

I told my supervisor that since the guy that needed his motorcycle parts welded name is on the side of the building and he signed my paycheck  he wins. 


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