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We need to rewrite the Olympic Games...help out, please.


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Let's face it....the Olympics have been boring for years. 



Let's rewrite the games for the Olympics to make them more exciting. Starting from scratch, what games/events should we add to the Olympics (summer or winter, either is fine).



Disclaimer: Many of us don't watch enough to know if an event we mention is or isn't. So if it is already a sport/event in the Olympics, so be it. It stays.



I'll start:


Dodge Ball

Jello Wrestling

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Full contact figure skating.  And they need to add back in the barrel jump thing for men.  


Women can still figure skate but the wardrobe needs massive revision and downsizing, if you know what I mean.


Curling, make the slidy things randomly explode and also have the throwers wear magnetic wrist bands that turn on and off at random.  that would be cool to see someone getting pulled down the ice by a massive weight that just explodes.


I bet it would make the Morning Farm Film Report!

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