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LED Christmas Lights


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LEDs are much better than incandescent bulbs. They last longer. However most still fit in the same type of socket and can come loose.


As for finding burnt-out or loose bulbs - no matter the type - you can't beat having a non-contact voltage tester:



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If you're shooting for a certain physical size of light, go for one a bit smaller. They are super bright compared to the older bulbs. I got some that were about the size of the old C2 (large glowy ones that people were fond of back in the early 80's), and it looked like I had a police car lodged in my tree. The blue bulbs especially shine like small neutron stars....They really do put out an insane amount of light from a pinpoint source.

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Compare the wire, sockets, and plugs of the LED light strings to the standard light strings.  All the manufacturers of LED brag about how long they last but don't mention anything about improving the durability of the rest of the product to match that lifetime.


If the wire, sockets, and plugs of the LED strings look like they're made of pretty much the same stuff as the standard string and you have to pay significantly more for the LED's, then buy the standard string. 


Odds are the 'string' will fail long before the LED's burn out, and then you're stuck with a string of lights you can't fix and that you paid a premium for.


If the LED lights strings are very nearly the cost of the standard string, then of course buy the LED's, because until the 'string' eventually fails you won't have to replace any bulbs.

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Everything is LEDs these days (your welcome, jsharr :D)


I was struck by that thought on the Jersey Turnpike, as I noticed all the fancy new cars with their wild tail light designs, especially the high zoot German ones.  It is like the 50s all over again, with LEDs as tail fins. :D

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