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If somebody with 80 kinds of cancer suddenly can't really speak well but seems to understand...

Random Ungulate

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...questions, would you assume a stroke or just the metastasizing of the cancer?


Apparently, this happened last night.  The RW's mom can say yes and no, seems to understand normal questions, yet has trouble finding words or saying them.  This, of course, is all filtered through the wife's sister, who is too inside her own head to really give a proper accounting of the situation.  She finally called the doctor, whose thought was "metastasizing cancer" and didn't seem overly concerned.

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I wouldn't even know how to guess what it could be.  Are we talking blood cancers? Are we talkig tumahs?  Are we talking malnutrition due to the cancer? Are we talking.......etc.


This is the woman who started with breast cancer, then graduated to liver and spinal cancer, who is type-2 diabetic and alcoholic and crazy and makes life miserable for everyone that has to deal with her every step of the way.

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