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Heading out to be arested


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Just got a text from a few other local cyclists I like to ride with. We are all meeting up at the LBS to cause a little trouble. I was told to wear black and bring a rake..... Were off to clean peoples leaves out of the bike lanes and put them back into their yards...

be ready to send bail money, casue I'm sure I'll be pissed and start setting fires to the piles.

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Maybe you should talk to the people about their behavior first.
They might be willing to turn over a new leaf.

the LBS has sent flyers yo homes and advertized in the news paper and in the towns magazine.

No jail for me, and no fires were set last night. We did on the other hand clear 1/2 the bike lanes of our town. It ended up being 28 of us pit there.
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hey, its fall and there's leaves out there for everybody right now.  I got to deal with careening down a winding road falling off a ridge through the woods. You get leaves piled deep at the apex of a corner and it gets a little exciting.


And out here we got harvest where there can be corn cobs and dried husks for a couple miles strait


Don't even get me started about the walnut trees. When you see purple all over the road this time of year you just have to watch out


 So all any of us can really do this time of year is don't lean into the corners so hard and hope for the best. That's all we got until the next storm.

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