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So I got a speeding ticket a few months ago. The way it works in this state is you can get a 'deferral' and take the traffic class to keep the points off your license. You have 3 months to complete the class from the time you were issues the deferral. Well, my 3 months is just about up, so I started the Traffic Class over the weekend.


First, I'll say that it sure beats having to do it in person like you used to have to do. When I lived in FL, I took the traffic classes a few times. The first time (just after I graduated high school in 1988) I took it, the class was an 8 hour class. You could take as one 8 hour class (in one day) or two four-hour sessions over two days. Whence it came, I opted for the one session (8-hour) version. That was long and miserable. Later, they shortened it to a 4 hour class, only offered as a one session class.


Nowadays, many states contract with a provider of online traffic classes that can be taken from your computer, so that's what I am doing. It's still 4 hours worth of material, but at least you can do it at your own pace and break when you want. You have 30 days to finish the class. So I started it yesterday and went through half or a little more.


It's a bit buggy. I learned in one session not to click to watch any of the videos. They end up not working and hang up the browser making you have to kill the browser. Then you have to take that module over again. Ugh!! It's a pain, but still a better alternative than going in for the class.



When is the last time you took a traffic class?

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No such thing for us.


You get a ticket, you get smacked with costly points.

Bummer. :(


In FL, you could take them, but there were restrictions. You couldn't take two classes in a one year period and you could only take the class 5 times in your lifetime, maximum.  I hit my maximum before I left FL. 

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