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Would you fly on a plane with no pilot?


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A friend sent this to me.  The bold italicized part (I highlighted that part, not the author) is what cracks me up.  Just who do they think programs the computers and will be on the ground controlling the plane?  Robots?



"When a blue and red 16-seater plane accelerated along a runway in northern England earlier this year, there was nothing to suggest its voyage was anything out of the ordinary.

But minutes later, as the plane turned north and began a 500-mile round trip from Lancashire to Inverness, history was made.

Once the craft was safely at cruising altitude, the pilot flicked a switch and handed over to a trained controller sitting at a computer screen many miles away on the ground.

For the first time in aviation history, a ‘pilotless’ passenger plane was flying over mainland Britain. That concept might make many people uneasy. But, according to the air industry, it is the future of flight.

Some predict that within five, ten or 20 years, commercial jets will be flown routinely by remote control over our towns and cities.

Supporters of so-called ‘autonomous  aircraft’ justify their developments on safety grounds. If most accidents are caused by human error, they argue, then surely it makes sense to remove people from the equation?

But the arrival of such craft in our skies raises disturbing questions. Some fear it could make passengers more vulnerable to computer failure and put planes at greater risk of being hijacked by cyber-terrorists hacking into control systems.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2509316/Is-autopilot-making-flight-travel-MORE-dangerous-FAA-claims-thirds-pilots-make-mistakes-reliance-technology.html#ixzz2l7RI6jUC
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No, for fear of them using controls are software I designed or worked on, already to much of that flying around in the air.


And as far as the "most accidents", that maybe, but things go wrong with automated systems too.  Currently planes can pretty much fly themselves, but you still need trained pilots there just in case.

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I seem to recall a video on Youtube of a Jetliner being piloted by computer crashing on takeoff or landing into a wooded field. A whole Jetliner.

No thanks.

I didn't right the code or work any of the hardware that I'm aware of. And if it was Boeing, based on the last group I worked with from there, not surprised.
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