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I did, but forgot my login when I switched phones this summer, and didn't bother to go back. I never got the point of it....vintage photography? Kindofa mobile 'Flickr' type thing? My camera already has that feature, and I can already share stuff on FB.


I like Pinterest, but never think to post anything there, but I've gotten some ideas on it. Problem with Pinterest is that finding a cool board to follow is just pure luck.

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So this morning I had a meeting at a local college with some Marketing students.  The young chap who teaches the class comes to the yoga studio (that will hopefully be mine very soon :))  and asked if we would be willing to participate with his students, where they work in groups and come up with a marketing plan for the studio.  Of course I agreed and today was the first meeting with the individual groups so they could ask me questions.  All but one group asked if we used instagram and twitter..... I guess it may be something to look into for the future?

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