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If you had a hammer


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Lately both.  I'm almost through though.  And, when I recorded this song it didn't sound at all like that.  :whistle:  :whistle: :whistle:  

Okay, post up the video.  Do it now.  Put down the hammer, back away from the footing and post up the video.  We beseech thee.

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I prefer electric or pneumatic nailers.  I've been using a DeWalt electric nailer for the past couple of weeks that belongs to my contractor.  That thing is sweet!   :)


Nothing beats a good old wood handled harmer.  Got neighbors fence put back up last night.  I've got all kinds of hammers, new fiberglass ones, heavy framing, pretty much any kind you could want, but my go to hamer is my old trusty wooden handled hammer that was my Grandfathers from when he did construction.  I used it when I used to work construction too, that thing has hammered a lot of freaking nails.

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My go to hammer is the all metal Estwing that my father in law left me.  I love that thing.  Could swing it all day long.  Greatly prefer it to my fiberglass hammer or the wooden ones I have.


Back in the day, my father was VP of manufacturing for Thorsen Tool, a tool maker based in Dallas..  Then Taiwan and China came on the scene and they had to start making some changes.  One of the things they found out was that hammers with US made hickory handles sold while others did not, but sadly it was cheaper to ship the handles overseas to have hammer heads put on and then brought back to the US to sell.





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