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June 23


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11 miles at 14 mph, before work (rode the MTB again).

I rode up from the river through Washington Crossing Park - there is a little singletrack through there marked for hiking only, but at 6am probably no one's going to complain.

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The bike should be ready today, but with family visiting I might not get a chance to pick it up.  Plus with the storms forecast I'm probably not going to want to hang the bike on the car rack.  The mechanic said he understands a heavier-duty collar is what's required - hopefully he does it right this time.


I was thinking that when I graduated from college I weighed about 265 pounds, and I've only gone up from there.  In that time, my bicycle stable has included three different Panasonic road frames, a POS Mongoose and the trusty Rockhopper and I never had any issues with seat posts slipping on any of those.  The post on the green Panasonic stayed put even for the brief period when I was over 300.  Then again, most of those frames had heavy tubing, and I think all had/have an integral clamp on the seat tube.

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Yeah but... you don't build a 75cm frame for a guy that weighs 165 pounds.  It should have been designed to hold your fat ass.

​True.  The mechanic said the bike is rated for 350 pounds.  I can only hope that the seat post collar is the only weak link.  I don't need a front wheel to crumple on me or anything.

In thinking about it, I wonder if a bad batch of bolts could be to blame.  On Saturday morning, to the best of my recollection I wasn't really feeling the kind of torquing resistance I'd expect to feel to cause a bolt to snap.

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