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Kale Chips! This is the first Square Wave Forum post aboot Kale Chips!


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I use kale in my daily juice.


I've made kale chips before. They're OK, but seemed like a lot of work for how little you get out of it. Ironically, I bought some kale chips from the store the other day and just had some today. I was not impressed with those as much as the ones I tried from Whole Foods a month or two ago.

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Raw kale is great in a salad.  I eat it almost every day. 


Although I know nothing of the process required to convert kale to chips and I am too lazy to google it, it sounds like it would likely destroy or diminish most of the healthy benefits afforded by consuming daily portions of uncooked kale. OTH, I suppose it is better for you than eating a bag of Doritos.   :)

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