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I don't like skunks


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They freak me out.  I have this phobia of being sprayed.  Due to the type of biking I do and where I do it, it is only a matter of time.  

I saw one this morning.  It turned and showed me it's tail.  I froze and didn't approach any further.  It finally scampered up into the brush and out of sight.  

My bell helps somewhat, but the twisty nature of the trails might just confuse these little stinkers.  It may hear me and run, but only to come back into my path.

For now, I still smell nice.  In time that may change.

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I suspect the skunks are finishing off the cat food we put out for the feral cats. Almost every night we can smell skunks.  Maybe I should put out less food so the cats will finish it off and not leave any for the skunks?  My granddaughter and I were sitting out on the deck by the pool Monday night and I had just told her about the skunks that come by every night, just then the aroma of skunk filled the air.  She said she had never smelled skunk before.  We decided to go inside. 

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